Bed Bugs are Bugging me Out

No one, at least not anyone that I know, like insects. I mean sure, some insects are okay such as ladybugs and even butterflies, however, those are definitely the exception when it comes to my personal bug tolerance level. Maybe I’m biased because these are the cuter species of bugs but whatever, I don’t care. I still can’t stand insects and no matter how cute they are, I do not want any of them crawling on me. Well, when you have a case of bed bugs, one of the worst (aside from roaches) creepy crawlers I can think of, then you are bound to be crawled on.

Bed bugs are found in, just as the name implies, your bed and love to nestle in the cracks and crevices around and in beds such as headboards, box springs, bed frames and more. They are parasitic and will bite animals and humans and feed on the blood. While scientists say that there is no proof that bed bugs spread disease, there are still many people who have serious reactions to bites such as hives, severe itching, and even blisters. If you are in the United States and think that you may have bed bugs, you can start an online search for any bed bug removal cincinnati company and have a professional come out and take a look as soon as possible. Dealing with any type of bug infestation is no joke so it is important to get the ball rolling on these things right away before the problem gets too out of control.

Growing up in New York, I had never even heard of bed bugs outside of TV. Bed bugs were just something no one I knew had ever had an issue with. Roaches, yeah but bed bugs, not so much. It wasn’t until I moved down south that I first somewhat had my first experience with bed bugs although it was indirectly. The closest I came to deal with those types of bugs was seeing a can of bed bugspray in my neighbor’s house. I personally had never had the up-close experience of having to deal with them, thank goodness. However, my neighbor was not so lucky as she had horrific red bumps all up to her arms and neck. It looked like she had a small case of the chickenpox and from how she described it, the itching and discomfort she experienced was very similar.

I remember having chickenpox as a kid and so, the last thing I want is to experience anything close to that. Although experts say that bed bugs come from upholstered furniture, hotel rooms, et cetera, I still think that eating in the bedroom, especially in bed has a lot to do with it. You’d be surprised at the number of people who eat snacks or drink sweet drinks while lying in bed. I think that may have a lot to do with it and why my next-door neighbor has bed bugs and I don’t. The experts will say to avoid bringing in furniture from outdoors while I say, just stop eating potato chips while lying in bed.